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Are you ready to take your game to the next level? Are you ready to embark on an electrifying journey towards unlocking your fullest potential on and off the court? Welcome to the ultimate destination for athletes striving to elevate their basketball and leadership skills!

Whether you are a seasoned player seeking to refine your technique or a budding talent eager to soar to new heights, Coach Merk's 1 on 1, personalized training program, is tailor-made just for you!

“Pain is a great teacher, it shows us how much more we have to grow and also shows how strong we are now” - Isaiah Merk

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HoopLife Advanced Coach Lead Isaiah Merk
Isaiah Merk
Senior Elite Trainer
  • Former Usport Athlete - Macewan University
  • Canada Topflight Academy West - Team Captain
  • Canfitpro Certified Personal Trainer
  • NPH Showcase MVP Award
  • Macewan Record Holder For Most Points/3-Pointers in a Game as a Rookie
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Image of HoopLife Coach instructing players
Image of HoopLife coach demonstrating offence to athletes

Premium, Tailored & Personalized Training

An Unmatched Basketball Experience

Experience tailored excellence on and off the court! Welcome to the top destination for athletes committed to refining their basketball skills and leadership. Whether you're perfecting your technique or ready to shine, Coach Merk's 1-on-1 training is just for you!

Coach Merk's Bio

Coach Merk, a former USport athlete hailing from MacEwan University, brings a wealth of experience and accolades to the court. As a Canada Topflight Academy West athlete and captain, Coach Merk exemplified leadership and skill, earning recognition such as the North Pole Hoops (NPH) Heart and Soul award and the NPH Showcase MVP award. His athletic prowess is underscored by his status as a full men’s basketball USport scholarship recipient.

Notably, Coach Merk holds the MacEwan University record for most three-pointers and points in a game as a rookie, demonstrating his exceptional talent and dedication to the sport. Beyond his achievements on the court, Coach Merk is a certified personal trainer through Canfitpro, equipped with the skills to elevate athletes to their fullest potential.

Coach Merk's coaching philosophy extends far beyond the confines of the game. He believes in nurturing holistic development, cultivating leaders who excel not only in athletics but also in life. With a personalized approach tailored to each athlete's unique needs, Coach Merk addresses various aspects of training, including strength and endurance, footwork, ball handling, shooting, and rebounding.

Under Coach Merk's guidance, athletes undergo rigorous skill development sessions, empowering them to become formidable forces on the court while instilling qualities that transcend sportsmanship. If you're prepared to commit and eager to elevate your game, Coach Merk is the trainer who will guide you toward success

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The Merk Experience

Image of Ian Cantelo
Ian Cantelo

As the co-owner of an Athletic Edge Training Centre and assistant coach of CanadaTopflight Academy West in Calgary, I've had the pleasure of knowing Merk since he was in grade 9. Witnessing Merk's journey from a young boy to a determined man has been nothing short of inspiring. His transformation is a testament to his unyielding drive and will to compete.

Merk possesses remarkable leadership abilities, and his journey from motivation to discipline is a story worth sharing. Merk's spirit of competition is something anyone would benefit from experiencing.

Under Merk's tutelage, even tapping into a fraction of his drive can greatly enrich your athletic journey. But believe me, he has much more to offer than just his competitive spirit.

Image of Isaac Simon
Isaac Simon

I've had the pleasure of knowing Isaiah since 7th grade, and throughout the years, he consistently stands out as one of the most dedicated and hardworking individuals I've encountered. His ability to maximize not only his own potential but also that of those around him is truly commendable. Having trained with him for years, l've personally witnessed and greatly benefited from his commitment. Isaiah isn't just an exceptional trainer and athlete; he's also a genuinely great person who strives to help others achieve greatness and reach their full potential. I have full confidence that he will excel as a fantastic personal trainer.

Image of Adam Huffman
Adam Huffman

I've watched Isaiah grow up around the game of basketball and anyone that knows him would agree that he always brings passion to the court. His love for the game is infectious and aspiring hoopers could learn a lot from him, on and off the court.

Image of Cooper Mckechnie
Cooper Mckechnie

I am extremely grateful for the amazing training that I received from coach Merk. His knowledge and experience on the modern day court allowed him to train my game on a deeper level beyond just the face of basketball. With Merk's training I've become stronger, smarter, and just flat out better at the game of basketball. Coach Merk genuinely inspires and brings out the best in every player he works with. I 100% recommend training with Coach Merk if vou want to elevate your performance on the court.

Image of Elijah Molesky
Elijah Molesky

My experience with isaiah while training was amazing. Not only did he push me to the max, but he also made me a better person. Whenever I'm with him I always get better. I would highly recommend him because he's very serious about getting you better and he genuinely cares about you. My skills have skyrocketed once I trained with him. And not only that but he also changed my mentality. He's always so positive and makes sure you reach your max potential.

Image of Atlee Simon
Atlee Simon

I have had the privilege to both coach and now coach with Isaiah and there is one word that I would describe him with."Heart", the way he treats people, the way he handles trials and the way he attacks his dreams all comes back to his big heart. If you want your athlete/child to grow both in their athletic ability and character, I believe he the trainer for you. Because at the end of the day, the most important thing is "To always play with heart.

Image of Tyleon Ocaya
Tyleon Ocaya

I began to train with Isaiah in 2020 when covid had just begun. Even with all the indoor basketball courts and gyms closed, he still found an efficient way for us to put in work and get better each day. It doesn't matter what time of day it is, what the whether is like, or how he's feeling, Merk will always pick himself and others up to go get physically, and mentally stronger. From spending time in and out of the gym with Isaiah, my work ethic, demeanour, and overall love for competing in sports has skyrocketed.

Image of Kyle Conteh
Kyle Conteh

Training with Isaiah Merk. If you want to truly get better and learn how to push yourself Isaiah is your guy. Isaiah really pushes vou Beacuse he see's the potential you have and doesn't want you to waste it by being lazy. He won't let you take a rep off or go half speed he'll hold you accountable with everything and beacuse of this you'll see great gains in your skill and mental toughness. As well Isaiah has been like my big brother since day one he has always been there for me through my ups and downs and always checking in on me. He genuinely always wants the best for people and wants to see them shine.

Image of Fofo Adetogun
Fofo Adetogun

Isaiah Merk is one of the most passionate people I have met when it comes to helping the youth in Regina. From the first time I met him at a Doggpound session he has shown an exceptional level of excitement and enthusiasm towards learning and helping others. His background playing high level basketball and being coached and trained by some of the best coaches in Canada has equipped him with a broad set of skills. His experience coupled with helpful mentors and contacts additionally adds to his pool of knowledge, allowing him to provide insightful coaching to youth in Regina.

Image of Isaiah Yemba
Isaiah Yemba

As long as I have knownIsaiah Merk, I've seen the image of hard work. That is what he emphasizes when you train with him. Hard work and effort are essential in life, especially in the game of basketball. Isaiah's training is highly beneficial for basketball athletes in many different ways. You will not only learn to be strong and a skilled athlete, but you will also learn the meaning of hard work. Every time you touch the court, you will learn to love the grind. At the end of the day, training with Isaiah is a strong step towards your goal as an athlete.Determination, grit, and effort will take you a long way with Isaiah Merk's training.

Image of Yese Ima-Niboro
Yese Ima-Niboro
Instagram Logo

Merk is extremely passionate. He is honest and he keeps people accountable. He will make you to dig deeper into yourself than you may have ever thought capable. I have seen the effect on my teammates, and I have seen it on myself. He is not just training young men for basketball, but he uses basketball as his instrument to teach the lessons he has learned about life. He is truly a blessing to everyone that has crossed paths with him. I remember that I spoke to him before a practice and he said, you cannot pour into others when your cup is empty. And that has stuck with me ever since he said it. It had me thinking, what really fills my cup? And the answer was Gods word Merks words was God words speaking to me through him in that moment. So I know that there is something special in his coaching.

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