Media Kit

Tips for Publishing

We work hard to ensure HoopLife has strong branding across all platforms and we created this page hoping others love our product, company, and logo as much as we do! Please take your time to follow our guidelines below, and if you have questions, fill out our contact form!

HoopLife's Logo

Our logo is important to us! Below are the proper ways to display our logo. Our logo should be placed on light and dark backgrounds respectively. The full colour logo should only appear on white backgrounds.
*Under no circumstances should the colour combinations of the logo change.

Our full colour logo should only appear on white backgrounds.

Our black logo may only appear on any light backgrounds.

Our white logo should appear on high contrast backgrounds.

Our white logo should appear on dark backgrounds.

Do not add effects to the logo such as glows or drop shadows.

Don't distort or skew our logo to fit a space.  Scale proportionally.

Don't use wrong colours together, which will result in low contrast.

Do not rotate our logo. Do not recolour our logo.

Our Icon

Our icon may appear in any of these colour variations with respective backgrounds.

Our Colors

Below are the HEX, RGB, and CMYK colour codes!

R255 G255 B255
C0 M0 Y0 K0

R191 G32 B47
C18 M100 Y89 K7

R132 G132 B134
C1 M1 Y0 K47

R0 G0 B0
C60 M60 Y60 K100

Our Font

We consistently use Rubik and Cooper Hewitt for headings and paragraphs.

Describing HoopLife

These are the important aspects of HoopLife and what we stand for. Feel free to copy and paste any of these!

Short Description

To empower the impact of youth programs and camps within their communities.


We take pride in Citrus! Our name should always have a capital “C” and should never be fully capitalized.

Long Description

Our story began back in 2019, when Andrew and David united through the Conexus Cultivator and began working towards delivering a solution to change how organizations collaborate and plan camps and youth programs. Their shared experience with organizing and operating youth programs provided them with a foundation of knowledge and understanding of the pain points of running a youth program. Despite a global pandemic, we focused on connecting with our community of youth programs through our webinar series, Making an Impact.

We have launched the company in 2020 and have seen unprecedented growth. Youth programs thrive using Citrus, and because of our company, more youth will attend programs in 2021, and they will be successful as a result. Citrus is the powering force behind youth programs, and the more we can grow our team we can grow the amount of youth participating in youth programs in Canada. Our training covers health and safety practices as related to job activities. We provide a safe, inclusive, and healthy work environment free of harassment and discrimination (e.g. hiring practices, policies, guidelines).

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