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Why Should my Athlete Attend HoopLife?

HoopLife is the largest basketball training academy in Saskatchewan. We provide the best facility, equipment, coaches and trainers to increase your individual basketball skill and knowledge.
HoopLife is the one stop shop for basketball, regardless if you are playing recreational, club, provincial or national levels of basketball. Through our refined training curriculum, HoopLife will give your athlete the confidence and skill to excel on any court. Our training gives the experience and composure necessary to compete with the best.
An investment in HoopLife is investing in our community, we approach basketball with a positive mindset of building each other up. Our goal is to have every player leaving more confident than when they came in. The atmosphere, energy and positivity is unmatched anywhere else and it is the perfect environment for teaching and building new skills.

What do I Need to Bring?

Equipment that is necessary for a session or camp at HoopLife includes indoor shoes, workout attire, water bottle, and your own basketball. If you don't have a basketball, don't sweat it - we have extras!

Will HoopLife Travel to my City/Town/First Nation to Run a Clinic?

Yes. Not only does HoopLife offer training sessions and camps in Regina at our training centre year round. We also send our experienced Senior Trainers and teams to run clinics and camps over Western Canada. Whether that is at a First Nation, school, league, or team we do it all.
Contact Us to book a HoopLife Clinic today!

Are There Games Played at HoopLife?

We understand that playing is important for our athletes to grow.
We scrimmage at the end of each day so our players will be able to show off what they have learned throughout the session or camp and be able to use techniques that our skilled coaches and trainers have taught them.
We believe scrimmaging is a test of what our athletes have learned and the only way to perform well on a test is to study (aka practice fundamentals).

Does HoopLife Offer Discounts For Family Members?

Contact Us to learn about any promotional discounts happening right now!

Do Memberships Include Individual Sessions?

Individual 1 ON 1 Training is not included in HoopLife Memberships in order to book one on one sessions with your coach. Please click here.

Do Memberships Include a Discount on Camps?

Active members will receive a discounted rate automatically applied on any purchase of a HoopLife camp. The discounted rate will be dependant on the membership description.

The discount will only be applied to the member, other family members or attendees will not be able to receive the discount.

Will My Membership Payment Automatically Renew?

Memberships are automatically charged through your Credit Card at the time of renewal.

If you purchased multiple months upfront and/or a year, at the time of renewal your membership will be renewed on a monthly basis if you wish to pay multiple months up front and take advantage of our multi month discount contact us at

You can cancel your Membership giving 30 days' notice in the centre. If you are unable to use a Credit Card for your Membership Contact Us!

Can I use my Membership as a "Monthly Pass?"

No. Memberships are not allowed to be used as a “Monthly Pass” Every Membership is a 3-Month Commitment.
After the first 3 payments, you are able to cancel anytime by giving 30 days notice only at the HoopLife centre.

Can I use a Single Membership for all my Children?

No. Each Membership and the sessions associated are for one athlete only.

Do My Sessions Add Up Month over Month?

No. Membership Sessions are added every month on the day your monthly payment is processed and you will be able to use them through the month all unused sessions generated by a membership will be forfeited if not used before the last day of the month, as the next months' sessions will load up when your payment is processed.

If you purchase multiple months up front you will be given all  credits up front for that period.

Is There a Late Payment Fee for Missing a Membership Payment?

If you are late on a payment you will be charged a fee of $20 per week until your payment is made.After 4 weeks, if your membership fee is still unpaid, your membership will be cancelled. If you wish to reactivate your membership you will be charged the late payment fee. ($80)

How do I change my method of payment?

You can change the default payment method for your membership anytime on your account information page.

Membership Cancellation Policy

Every Membership is a 3-Month Commitment. After the first 3 payments, you are able to cancel anytime by giving 30 days' notice at the HoopLife Center.

Monthly HoopLife Membership Cancellation Policy
Members that wish to cancel their membership are required to fill out a cancellation request form 30 days prior to their next payment. This must be done in person at the HoopLife Center. HoopLife will not be accepting cancellation request through email or phone to protect our clients’ information. The cancellation will not be effective until it is processed and approved by management. The front desk staff will be able to assist you with any request or questions that you may have.

Yearly HoopLife Membership Cancellation Policy
HoopLife yearly members have 15 days after their purchase to cancel their membership and receive a full refund. There will not be a refund available for those who cancel outside of the 15 day period. All members that wish to cancel are required to fill out a cancellation request form in person at the HoopLife Center. HoopLife will not be accepting cancellation request through email or phone to protect our clients’ information. The cancellation will not be effective until it is processed and approved by management.The front desk staff will be able to assist you with any request or questions that you may have.

What's included in a HoopLife membership? How does it work?

A HoopLife membership is a cost effective way for your athlete to attend our training sessions.

Memberships offer discounted rates on sessions to reward those who come consistently to HoopLife. Members will receive further discounts and perks depending on their membership, the higher your tier the more benefits you will receive.

Each membership is assigned to an athlete. The credits will only be available for the specified athlete, membership credits can not be shared between family members. Memberships payments are automatically charged Monthly or Yearly from the method of payment linked to your HoopLife profile.

Your HoopLife membership will be active from the moment you complete your purchase and will be charged on the same date each month. You can cancel your Membership by giving 30 days notice to the staff at the HoopLife centre.

Are Camps Included With My Membership?

Camps are NOT included in a HoopLife Membership, ONLY Weekly Sessions that run year-long (even in Summer).

What is the Difference Between Camps & Sessions?

HoopLife is a Basketball Training based out of Regina, Saskatchewan. We offer high quality basketball training sessions and camps year-round for both beginner and elite athletes in Regina.

Basketball Training Sessions in Regina
HoopLife offers basketball training sessions 7 days per week, year-round. All Sessions are a 1-hour long circuit experience focusing on basketball skills and fundamentals. HoopLife sessions are ran by a team of experienced trainers to guarantee your athlete receives proper guidance and structure during training. You can view our basketball training schedule here.

Strength Training Sessions in Regina
Strength Training Sessions are designed to help your athlete learn and strengthen key fundamental movement patterns which will increase their on court performance. Strength training will help your children develop a strong foundation for all future athletic goals. You can view our strength training schedule here.

Regina Basketball Camps
HoopLife camps and clinics are offered seasonally throughout the year in addition to weekly sessions. Camps are an extended version of sessions which allow your athlete to learn key details and receive further instruction. Camps are another opportunity to get your athlete back on the floor and prepared for the upcoming season! Sessions and camps are separate and the credits on your account cannot be used to sign up for Camp.

Is there a Required Skill Level to Attend a HoopLife Session or Camp?

At HoopLife, our trainers specialize in individual basketball and character development.With an abundance of experience and knowledge, our trainers will be able to teach beginners and elite athletes while producing exceptional result. Our curriculum is derived from fundamental basketball skills and techniques to ensure success and increased performance.

Athletes will be grouped together with peers of similar skill level. This is to ensure that each athlete will receive the same quality of instruction and are able to learn at a level suitable for their skills.

Do my Session Credits Expire?

All session credits purchased through a session pack will expire a full year from your date of purchase. For memberships, your session credits do not accumulate month to month. For example, if you only use 3 of your 4 session credits in a month they will be reset upon next payment. Your session credit will be forfeited if you do not use them all within the Month.

How Do I Sign Up For a Camp?

You can sign up for a camp through our website here. You can view our available camps under the basketball training tab on our menu bar. Once you have found and purchased a camp you will receive email confirmation with your receipt and schedule.

How Do I Sign Up For a Session?

You can sign up for HoopLife basketball training sessions with a Membership Subscription or Session Package. Each option will automatically deposit the corresponding credits onto your HoopLife account on purchase. A credit is required to register for a basketball training session.

Monthly Membership Packages (Recurring Monthly or Yearly Payments)A HoopLife membership is the key to unlocking your athletes potential. The number one way to excel as a basketball player is to practice with dedication and purpose consistently. A HoopLife membership is the greatest investment any player can make to develop their game and truly shine on the court. Each month you will receive the corresponding credits deposited into your account depending on the membership package.A HoopLife Membership requires a 3-month commitment.Each month your credits will reset. Click here to find out more information about memberships.

Session Packages (One Time Payment)Our HoopLife session packages are the go to option for those who would like to have a flexible schedule. These packages are popular with athletes who are unable to come as frequently. Credits purchased with a session package will NEVER expire and athletes can work around their schedule. Our current session packages include 1/5/10/20/40 session credits.

Sessions, Session Pack, and Camps Cancellation Policy

Session Cancelation Policy You can receive a full refund if you cancel 24 hours before the start time of your scheduled session. You can cancel your basketball training session through your HoopLife profile. You will not be able to cancel your class within 24 hours and the session credit will be forfeited.

Session Pack Cancelation Policy Once a credit pack is purchased from HoopLife, there are no refunds allowed at any point, session packages are valid for 1 year.

Camp Cancelation Policy You may cancel up to 30 days prior to your scheduled camp and receive a HoopLife account balance equivalent to your registration fee. You can use this account balance towards future HoopLife events such as camps or session packages. If you cancel within 30 days of your scheduled event you will not receive a refund or any compensation.

Can I Use My Sessions Towards a Camp?

No. Your sessions on your account are only used towards the hour-long weekly training sessions. Camps are purchased separately. However, HoopLife Members receive a 10% discount on all camps.

What Will be Taught at Camp? Is There a Required Skill Level?

At HoopLife we specialize in individual basketball and character development. Our curriculum is designed to focus on proper fundamentals and techniques to ensure maximum success and performance. We offer camps for both elite and beginner players.

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