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The BOOST program is a partnership between a local Regina business and a low-income underprivileged child. Providing them with a HoopLife Membership receiving training and mentorship from the HoopLife Team each week year-round. In addition, the child receives School Supplies, Birthday Gifts, and Christmas Presents.
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BOOST Kids Profiles

Learn the stories of some of the Youth in the HoopLife BOOST Kids Program!


Brooklyn is a driven and determined girl who takes charge as a leader and encourages others to excel in all they do. Her interests are in Sports, Music, and Drama.
The need for Brooklyn’s funding stems from her current family situation. Pamela Artavia, Brooklyn's mother, has 6 other children. Pamela was left in a tough position as her husband faced difficulties and was forced to leave home. As a result, she has been working extremely hard with the financial burden to take care of her children. Her kid’s wishes were to attend HoopLife and she reached out to us for assistance. BOOST Kids would give Brooklyn the opportunity to play basketball and to learn the skills of the game and skills to develop character.



Zane is the 4th oldest child - a middle child. Zane is full of spunk and is very charismatic. He is strong in both academics and in sports.Although Zanes love for basketball dominates his life, Zane also has a love for helping others. Zane loves to volunteer; especially when it comes to volunteering with little children and those with disabilities.
When Zane joined BOOST Kids, there were 8 children in his household and 6 were under the age of 16. His Mother had difficulties providing the necessities, and there was no room for programming. Through HoopLife, Zane was supported, able to build confidence, and gain more role models in his life.



Millie is 6 and is the youngest of 3 girls. She is such a character: funny and has a very caring soul. She loves animals, the outdoors, swimming, and dancing.When she watches her sisters play basketball, she is their biggest fan and cheers for them. She enjoys learning and playing basketball and HoopLife would be an amazing opportunity for her.
Being the youngest of 3 kids, it is a struggle for Millie’s Single Mother who works full time and is in schooling to find time for her kids and to put them in youth programs. BOOST Kids would offer Millie and her family support through the opportunity to play at HoopLife.

Success Stories

HoopLife 1-On-1 Basketball Training Session Coach Training

Kelly Labadie

"Thank you to the sponsors that make it possible for kids to play the sports they love. I especially want to thank Hunter’s sponsor. Without you, Hunter wouldn't have had the opportunity to train with the amazing coaches at HoopLife, and  have access to a gym to work on his skills. This program and the coaches have taken Hunter under their wing and they treat him like family. I am so incredibly happy he has these people to look up to, be his mentors, and learn from."

Amanda Castilleja

"The BOOST program has been a game changer for my son! As a single mom without family in Canada, the coaches and staff have been like an extended family for me and ZZ. The connections he’s made have provided a sense of support and fun over the years. ZZ’s confidence with basketball and life have grown thanks to HoopLife!!"

Sara Ashton

"Being accepted into the HoopLife boost program was such a blessing for our family. The opportunity to participate in all the HoopLife programs has been a dream come true for him. Keeping Pierce active in a sport he loves has made all the difference in his attitude and outlook towards the future. It’s helped him develop critical skills like persistence, good sportsmanship and commitment. We are forever grateful to the HoopLife family for extending such generosity and inclusion to our family!"

Melodie McDonald

"Zane is the exceptional person he is today because of the support, discipline and love that he has had throughout his years of basketball with HoopLife - which has been mainly instilled in him through our growth with the HoopLife family. Words can not express with enough sincerity the appreciation I have for the kindness and generosity from those who sponsor BOOST and for our support through HoopLife."


Have any questions about our BOOST Program? Check out our BOOST FAQ's below! If you have any questions that aren't answered, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!
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How are BOOST Kids Chosen?

Families are screened on their background and household income to determine if they qualify for the BOOST program. With dozens of children already paired, we are only scratching the surface with dozens more on the sidelines waiting to be paired.

Families who have low household income, receive support through the provincial government, or have troubling home situations are all considered eligible. Children and youth ages 7 to 18 years are all eligible to become a BOOST Kid.

The Story of BOOST Kids?

BOOST Kids was created to assist underprivileged families who don’t have the resources to give gifts and extracurricular programs like HoopLife to their children.

We have seen family after family experience difficulty in supporting their children due to personal circumstances. We want to continue helping everyone in our community.

We must partner with the leaders in our community to support the children that need help most.

Powerful Mentorship

Mentorship is a key area of your investment. We believe that all children need a model of success and discipline to follow and learn from to be successful.

Our coaches work to positively impact every child and provide guidance depending on their unique skillset and situation. We become the big Brothers and Sisters for our BOOST kids helping them to be successful and confident to achieve anything they set their mind too. Our HoopLife team is dedicated to mentoring the youth.

What do BOOST Kids Receive?

When approved, your child will receive a 3-Point HoopLife Membership ($3000 ~ Value) with training and mentorship from the HoopLife Team each week, year-round.

In addition, your child receives School Supplies, Birthday Gifts, and Christmas Presents which are presented as $100 gift cards for each present!

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