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March 20, 2023

2 Ways To Get Quick Handles

When watching the highlight reels of incredible players you will often see jaw dropping crossovers and unbelievable dribble moves. These players were not just born with handles, through proper practice and hard work they obtained them. Here are two tips to allow you to work for those same amazing handles.

1. Dribble Hard

When practicing dribbling a common mistake is to practice without pounding the ball. Dribbling hard is a huge key to having handles like Kyrie, Steph Curry, and Damian Lillard. There is no point in practicing your handles if you are just going to dribble soft and not push yourself.

In our practices we must simulate a game, in a game you can’t be dribbling soft or doing your moves without power because you’re going to get the ball stolen and you will be easily predictable. By pounding your dribble you will benefit from better muscle memory and you will have a better handle of the moves themselves.

2. Use Speed

Everybody wants to be able to dribble fast but few want to really train fast. It sounds really basic to say but it really is as simple as that - to obtain a fast handle we must train fast.

Just like pounding the ball, dribbling with speed will push yourself to grow muscle memory. There is nothing wrong with losing the ball when you’re dribbling fast and pounding the ball in practice. We want to lose the ball in practice and correct ourselves so we don’t lose the ball in a game.

Implement these two simple tips into your game and you will see incredible improvement in your handles. With these two tips properly used you will be well on your way to becoming truly "steal proof."

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