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March 27, 2023

5 Traits All Great Point Guards Have

In the age where athletic and flashy point guards seem to be everywhere, it can be hard to find a point guard with these traits. Work hard to acquire these 5 traits and you'll see the clear benefits!

1. They Read the game

Point guards are an extension of their coach on the floor. All great point guards read the game and understand what is going on at all times. They are able to read the defence and exploit weaknesses. They know who is hot and how to make the players around them great. Looking for their shot is not a priority but finding a good shot is. Pace is controlled by great point guards - they do not allow the other team to dictate the pace of the game.

2. They don't just have great handles they are a handler

Handles are a tool and the best point guards know that. They are always in control of their moves and they are completely aware of how to be effective. Many players have great handles but they do not know how to control the games.

Efficiency separates the flashy point guards from the truly great ones. Getting by a defender using 2 moves is better than getting by a defender by using 6 moves. Great point guards do whats best for the team, they are selfless. They set the environment for their teammates to thrive.

3. They can score when needed

Every coach wants a point guard that can score, however they do not want the team to be an afterthought. All great point guards look for the best play first and run the offence through. As the offence runs they notice weaknesses in the defence and so when the offence breaks down they know they have to score.

They utilize switches, open lanes, effective moves, and their vision to make sure their team can still score even when their plan breaks down. Every point guard must have an arsenal of effective moves to use when the team needs desperately to score.

4. They are great communicators

The point guard is essentially the equivalent to the quarterback of a football team. They are the orchestrators of the team. Without communication teams cannot thrive, all great point guards know this. They call the right plays and make sure all of their teammates are in position. They call out switches on defence, scream help Being a floor general and being vocal about the game is key to having the whole team on the same page. The point guard is the example to the rest of the team and they will follow if the point guard is vocal on offence and defence.

5. They do the little things

Great point guards see value in all the little things. They don’t wait for someone else to help on defence, they do it themselves. Things like boxing out or pushing the pace are things that matter to great point guards. They sprint back on defence or switch to help somebody else, selflessness is who they are. All the little things build up and make a huge impact on each game.

All of these tips differentiate the good from the great. Carry out these tips to transform into a great point guard and fulfill your potential.

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