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February 20, 2023

4 Keys To Level Up

Not many people have the ambition to consistently push themselves to level up and push forward towards their goals. Don't be average, set high goals and work hard.  If it was easy to achieve your goals everybody would do it. Change your mindset and use these 4 keys to level up your game!

1. Evaluate yourself

Even the best players in the world have little things they can work on and there is nothing wrong with that. By constantly evaluating yourself you will be able to see little weaknesses that are often easy fixes. Look at professional players, see their strengths and implement them consistently. Never become cocky because your rate of improvement will drastically decline. This is why you must ALWAYS evaluate yourself, to stay humble and never be satisfied where you are.

2. Champions compete

The better and better you get the more you will have to strive to find good competition. Iron sharpens iron and therefore you must surround yourself with high level competitors that push you to new heights.

Never settle with playing pickup at the gym to get better because that will never push you. There is no need to "play down" to your competition - always play up. Find someone who has similar goals to you and compete with them.

When someone around you has a drive to get better it will help you compete and better yourself. The best players in high school basketball don't play with average players because it won't help them get better and they know this. They find other great players to train with and play against to compete.

3. Look away from the easy road

If your goals are set high and you desire to level up your game, toughness, and strength; there is no easy road. Stop looking for a way out or an easy path to greatness because there isn't one. Embrace the grind and it will reward you.

Don’t compare yourself to those who are not motivated for greatness because you will follow suit. Flee from mediocrity - level up to the best of your ability and keep pushing.

4. Don't settle for mediocrity

In your pursuit of leveling up it is tempting to get sidetracked and slip into mediocrity. Fight it. Push yourself each game to level up, make that a goal and always seek to do something better. Not many people have the drive to be able to consistently hustle. Mediocrity is all around us, be proud of being the outlier. Motivate yourself to never settle and it will push you to level up.

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